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The debt lift

Recognise your limits and flex your finances where you can, to help clear your debts.

How to work out

Look at your spending habits and see what you could cut out or reduce, and put aside the money you'd normally spend.

Each month, use this money to pay more than the minimum on your debt, and save on chargeable interest. Check that your lender allows overpayment first.

Not sure how much you spend each month? Tap 'Spending' in the Barclays app. T&Cs apply. 16+

See your spending

You can transfer this to your savings account with us, using the Barclays app. You need to be 16 or over to use the Barclays app. T&Cs apply.

Get a reminder in your calendar to help you keep track of progress.

To set up the reminder, double click the file - it's on the bottom left of your screen.